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Art Direction Illustration Rebranding Strategy Video Website

Some companies get it. The corporate world is a boring mess and its past time someone said it: enough of that, let’s get ourselves a website fresher than a polar bear’s toenail. We love it when our conversations’ starting point is garden-fresh.

Enter Alts Digital, a Portuguese intent marketing company that’s anchored on SEO but goes much much further. Well, they needed a oh-so-fresh take on their brand and website and we obliged.

Over several months, we transformed everything except the name (even fighting Namecheap™’s alts.digital domain bot snatching 👏 along the way)! We even art-directed a powerful manifesto video that Scroobius Pip would have voiced if not for his current hiatus.

Maybe next time, Pips. We got a Superman to do it though.

Visit website altsdigital.com
this was supposed to be monitor...
this was supposed to be monitor...
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Brand first — that’s always where we start. In this case, we had the space to stir things up and mix the quirky with the beautiful, so we went all out and got to use almost everything we pinned to our mood board.

Typefaces, yes. Can’t decide on what variation of grotesque to go with? No worries, we’ll use four (sorry, Paul Rand, we promise we will behave next time) Oh, the logo? Let’s toss all our ideas into one and watch it mutate. Continuous illustrations for storytelling and icons? With Emojis? Now you’re talking!

R.I.P 💀

All the folks say that Print is dead. Or is it? We had tremendous amount of fun producing some amazing cards with our favourite magic-crafter DotStudio🇬🇧. Plus a
🇪🇸 tote-bag. And some fancy notebooks and t-shirts, all made in Portugall🇵🇹.
Welcome to the great Print comeback, people. Print is the new vinyl yo.
Some of the pics we present here are mockups but everything was produced, you gotta trust us on this. Photography sessions are always the last thing to get done.
Onwards with the scrolling.

Fig. 5
Business Cards
Alts Digital Business Cards
Fig. 6
Business Cards
Alts Digital Business Cards
Alts Digital Tote Bag
Fig. 7
Tote Bag
Fig. 8
Recife Display, Bw Gradual, Telegraf and Alts Grotesk are our brand typefaces.
Alts Digital Typefaces
Fig. 9
E-mail Signature
Alts Digital E-mail Signature
Fig. 10
Alts Digital Notebooks
Alts Digital T-Shirts
Fig. 11
The Website

Sweat it, creativity! The website is where everything comes together as the narrative we developed uses all the brand elements along the scroll to guide the audience through three sections:

1. Alts’ products, targeted for the verticals they focus on: iGaming and Finance with relevant metrics.
2. “Life at Alts”, introducing the team with funky animated personal emojis and winking at recruiting — the company is 100% remote and oh, here are the team's benefits, culture, and values.
3. A 24-points Manifesto video featuring the Portuguese Superman himself, plus a falling Magritte’s Apple that would make Newton jealous and even a shiny gilded cake (at Alts, the spoils are shared).

WebGL headers

Just look at this amazing s-p-i-n-n-i-n-g globe, it changes colours, shapes and it keeps your eye busy on headers and transitions. Pretty neat. We even supplied Alts with a WebGL tool so they can generate their own brand assets for all the social network pottery one needs to do.

Art Direction Illustration Rebranding Strategy Video Website
🤜 🤛

“Büro helped us navigate our brand’s possible imaginaries. From there they materialised it into something that gives us a much better visual (and non-visual) understanding of our company.
This could only be achieved the way it was because of Büro's forward-thinking, expectation alignment and of course the whole fun during the process.”

André Geada — CEO & Founder Alts Digital
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