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Established in 1859, Porto Cálem is inseparable from the history of Port Wine. In many ways, Cálem is Portugal in the wine world. The company needed a website that mirrored their preeminent position by displaying their iconic brands, such as Cálem and Porto Velhotes, while also attracting visitors and selling tickets to the country's most acclaimed Port wine cellar. The city itself also knew very little about A.A. Cálem, the brand’s founder, so this was a good opportunity to have the Cálem History set and told in connection to the Douro. Saúde! 

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Wines and history

Cálem’s Port website is the starting point for getting acquainted with their wine ranges offer: White, Tawny, Ruby, and Rosé. At the same time, it works as an introduction and ticket dispensary (tourism ninjas, this is for you) for The Cálem Cellar — the most visited wine cellar of the world —, and as a door to the iconic Porto Velhotes mini-site.

History and the Douro, one of the few wine-growing regions in the world where the human hand has contributed to enhancing the beauty of the landscape, are the main attention snatchers here. These intertwined beautifully with the A.A. Cálem life story and legacy, which also had a pivotal role in the renewal of the wines' packaging.

Brand extension

A.A. Cálem could be easily mistaken for an incurable adventurer, but it was entrepreneurship that fuelled his passion. The caravel was the means and trigger for his epic journey to the other side of the Atlantic — and as it has always been the brand's iconic symbol, we used it as the base for an illustrated story told by scroll.

You spin me right 'round

The Portfolio (see what we did there? Port-Folio) section employs a more distinctive scroll: a click&drag circular that is activated by the browser’s native scroll, helping to contextualize Calém’s offer with food pairings relevant to each branch. Each Port suggestion has the new packaging on scroll with all the information you’ll ever need. The footers of each section have relevant links to other in-site sections to ease the user across new content. Yeah, there’s also a fancy menu for that but we love good footers that lead people to relevant content.

Cálem Mobile Image
Cálem Blur Background
Cálem Mobile Image
Hear, hear. Cheers!

“Working with Büro meant following a new path: to venture outside our references and to accept different work methodologies which often questioned our initial requests. Always displaying a strong commitment to our objectives, we were met with a secure and engaging approach to a very difficult challenge — to update a secular brand legacy to the new age. Büro truly led us astounding websites and we can’t recommend them enough.”

Patrícia Sousa — Brand Manager Sogevinus
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