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Art Direction Rebranding Video Website

Porsche, Volvo, Mercedes and VW all trust Couro Azul to supply leather for their automobiles. In fact, they have equipped 56 million steering wheels since 1998.

Now, Couro Azul (Portuguese for “Blue Leather”) needed a new website just as impressive as their numbers. And as its craftsmanship. Or its 80 years legacy. So refurbishing we went, creating a new graphic system and art directing the whole narrative. All while delivering a very moving website.

Visit website Couroazul.com
The Website

Unapologetically targeting the automotive industry, the website is built with exceptional care for detail and respect for the legacy of the company. We combined digital craftsmanship and storytelling to deliver a smooth navigation experience despite heavy graphics.

Auto brands needed to be genuinely aware of Couro Azul product quality while simultaneously impacted by the company's remarkable heritage, ultimately leading to a memorable experience. Now maybe you don’t own a car manufacturing business, but go and check it out. Just don’t blame us if you suddenly feel like a tycoon on a shopping spree.

Couro Azul Blur Background
Couro Azul Mobile image
The experience

The site is designed with a keen sense of elegance. The videos flow across the navigation without interruption. Sure, seamless transitions across the sections might go unnoticed but that’s kind of the point.

We also had a lot of fun digging through the company's archives and found great gems for the website headers. Hence, old photographs came to life and the company’s commercial registration came to unfold before our eyes.

You deserved it!

“Büro simply made it. They've easily managed to transfer our passion for leather into a stunning website. We often use it as our business presentation and we couldn’t be happier. It truly made an impact in our business and undeniably embodies our motto that we deeply treasure: leather on the move. ”

Pedro Carvalho — CEO
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