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Fintechers, this one is for you. Crypto is sexier than any bank because we all know they are decades behind you and your army. We partnered with e-Money on something epic: a complete digital revolution for $NGM, a notoriously stable coin project from Denmark. They had it all pretty much figured out: product, target and expectations were all set. We just connected the dots and brought our unique kind of passion to their brand and website.

We knew from day one that this was going to be a special collaboration. Which turned out to be an understatement. We attacked the project in two phases: rebranding&strategy and then website development. We can honestly state that this was our favourite 2021 project and that both parties ended up with good reasons to be proud.

Oh yeah, this was not your typical 3 months crypto project, but we did go live with a first version around that mark: time is crypto but time is a bit more precious for digital branding, you see ⏳

Visit website e-money.com
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The Website

Let’s start from the end. There’s a video for you to see about the development of the final shiny version of the website if you are into that kind of stuff, but here goes anyway: we crafted it all based on the our rebranded definition of a digital coin, encapsulating the dashed-e symbol and transposing into 3D over abstract simple shapes. We kept the colours aqua and dark green (the eternal hue of money) for the brand universe, and brought in a new take on the corporate look, having typography ruling side by side with 3D. We took care for everything to be as fast and impactful as possible — don’t blink out or you’ll miss out the WebGL transitions across sections.

e-money mobile become a partner phone mask
e-money mobile about phone mask
e-money mobile roadmap phone mask
e-money mobile token rewards phone mask
e-money mobile token rewards phone mask
e-money mobile home phone mask
e-money mobile home (2) phone mask
e-money mobile home (2) phone mask
e-money mobile about (2) phone mask

Now, when everything you see is 3D then the product may not look real. You need to show people using the product and, for Money God’s sake, don’t use generic stock photos. We teamed with Álvaro Martino to produce e-Money’s photo library and materialize the pillars of the brand: fast, global, frictionless. Since we were already paying heavy money to use the photography studio, hey, might as well have fun playing with water. Then we reached out to New Zealand's Death Metal gods Ulcerate to make the headbanging 🤘 shot. Nice drummer, right?

Fig. 5
e-Money concept of Fast
e-Money concept of Fast
e-Money concept of Frictionless
Fig. 7
e-Money concept of Frictionless
Fig. 6
e-Money concept alternative for Fast
e-Money concept of Fast
e-Money concept for Global
Fig. 8
e-Money concept for Global

The 3D brand universe explores the simple lines of the brand on multicolour holographic details, just like you see on traditional paper bills. The language also includes custom tridimensional shapes for buttons and scroll elements to support the storytelling.

e-Money e-Money
e-Money e-Money
The Rebranding

Can you still use a traditional coin shape to represent stablecoin, though? You bet. First, we created a new dash symbol to make the best out of the downside of having it in the domain (e-Money.com). We enclosed it on 2 segments of a circle with the full name and the currency alone. Hence, it became a feature, not a setback. On top of that, we made the stablecoins flag variations so it’s clear what you are seeing and buying.

The print collaterals use these brand variations with ease and grab the attention of the often frail branding of the crypto world.

e-Money Brand Universe
Fig. 18
Brand Universe
Fig. 19
Business Cards
e-Money Business Cards
Fig. 20
Tote Bag
e-Money Tote Bag
e-Money T-Shirts
Fig. 21
Fig. 22
Street outdoor
e-Money Street outdoor
Fig. 23
Fast & beautiful

“We commissioned Büro for our rebrand and digital transformation. It was clear from the initial design discussions that their attention to detail, design aesthetics and proposed structure would help us achieve the goals we had envisioned for our new brand.

They understood the requirements of the project very quickly and met the brand brief in their first go, delivering striking creative work.

Above all thank you for making the process so simple. Don’t look past Büro for your branding and digital design requirements!

Shalini Wood — CMO at e-Money A/S
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