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Leveraging science to brighten the future. Hematogenix® is an industry leader in the field of integrated pathology services for drug development and immuno-oncology testing. Aiming for personalised cancer care, Hematogenix is on the cutting edge of technology and were in need of a “best-in-class” brand and website that positioned them as such.
Crafted over a period of 12 months, the new identity and website are anchored on digital over a complex 3D visual universe to support the necessary technologic and scientific storytelling.
This was a full digital transformation for a company that has the future of DNA-specific drugs on deck for the new generation of humanity.

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The Website

Content-wise, the website features a comprehensive list of technologies and equipment available including technical publications targeted to scientists. But now that we stated the obvious, let’s look at those headers again. Those transparent videos (yes, that’s thing if you are see this on a Apple M1/M2) are available in several resolutions ranging up to 4k, for the state-of-the-art machines, HD for normal machines, and SD for more mundane systems or mobile devices. The number of interactions, and crashes, on After Effects is the only variable superior to love we have for the final result.

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  • 0:04 Expertise
  • 0:04 Services
  • 0:04 Clinical Trials
  • 0:04 Technologies
  • 0:04 Company
Audio Design

Each sub-brand universe has a custom soundtrack for a completely immersive experience, header specific so it doesn’t get boring and predictable. Grab your headphones right away. Nuances from Kid A’s Treefingers to more abstract ambient Loscil-ish are enough to keep you interested, we sure listened to it far more than we should have. And for those who are not sure what they think about music playing right away, we feel you. There's an audio-off button just for that!

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Fig. 1.

Tote bag

Totebag (1)
The Rebranding

With a much-outdated brand and brand collaterals, our intervention suggested a much-needed rebranding as part of the fundaments for the digital transformation.

The solution was to redraw the Spiral DNA-H into a new shape that had some initial debating but after being part of LogoLounge Trends 2021, Off Jog, it got instant credibility. Digital transformations are obviously hard, but often changing the brand is the achilles tendon of the whole process.

Fig. 2.
Business Cards
Hematogenix Business Cards
Fig. 3.
Hematogenix Lanyards
Fig. 4.
Fig. 5.
Fig. 6.
Fig. 7.
Hematogenix Box
Fig. 8.
Hematogenix Doctor

The content we had to work with was as dated as low-resolution. There was virtually nothing to work with and a lot of needs to support content and to extend for future brand needs. The 3D universe, rooted on blood components such as plasma, red and white globes, supports each header to support the narrative: from static 3D images to a more abstract interplay of the elements for the headers, everything needed to be validated by the team of scientists and technicians. After several calls with the science team, one stray 3D artist and a lot of polishing we finally got it!

Hematogenix Expertise Header
Fig. 17.
Expertise Header
Fig. 18.
Services Header
Hematogenix Services Header
Fig. 19.
Clinical Trials Header
Hematogenix Clinical Trials Header
Hematogenix Technologies Header
Fig. 20.
Technologies Header
The word is LOVE!

“Thank you Büro for the amazing work product and the amazing work ethic. Working with Büro was an exceptional experience. We were impressed with their non-stop dedication. We had a particular strategy with many particular requests and they continued to deliver time and time and time again.

Our clients love our high quality work, and now, because of Büro, our branding and site reflect that high quality as well. I can comfortably recommend Büro to help companies solve their most complicated and difficult branding and image challenges.”

Dr. Hytham Al-Masri — President & CEO
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