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Art Direction Strategy Video Website

Kopke has been crafting wine experiences since 1638. On other words, they’re the oldest Port wine house on record. We got tasked with delivering this 400 years legacy to a new audience: the internet. In one stroke, Kopke went from a non-existent online presence to a digital juggernaut.
Just like Port itself, you will need time to fully explore the website. It’s packed with old cellar storytelling, custom Portuguese flavoured music and a lot of other sweet things. If you find yourself in a hurry, just jump to the shop and understand why Port stands for awe.

Visit website Kopke1638.com
Our approach

Content storytelling and design share the throne on this one. The website had to be an immersive experience echoing the company’s mastery and history while juxtaposing their products for cross-selling. The transitions and content scroll are smooth to direct the users’ attention to the details without hammering them down with bells and whistles. An impactful and memorable experience for Port Wine lovers. Sounds about right.

  • Kopke Terroir Page
  • Kopke History Page
  • Kopke Tourism Page

Different keypoints on the video timeline to promote the interior website pages.


Kopke’s website demanded a clear segmentation between brand positioning and store. We decided to create a horizontal scroll for the first and an instinctive vertical scroll for the second. Which gave us a clear language distinction between sections and also an extra headache throughout the development. The video and audio (voice and music) interplay and smooth website integration took its tool on the development side but proved darn crucial for the final result.

The challenge

The most challenging aspect of kopke1638.com was the performance on mobile and desktop. Demanding multimedia elements had to be served across browsers and, knowing how mandatorily flawless the store had to be, good performance was critical to keep users on the website for as long as possible. The analytics are telling the story of an abandoned crowded cellar since then.


Kopke Port Wines scene

Art direction

All content, save for the history section, was created specifically for the website. This allowed us to craft the experience as a whole. Copy, film, voice over and music all working together to convey a single story: four centuries of mastery over wine crafting.
Over a single day (and however busy still just a single day), we shot the film at Kopke’s astonishingly beautiful oldest cellar. That film was then deconstructed into parts that would wind down to slow motion over 5 sections, each unravelling along a voice-over that told of Kopke’s story and off of the posterior content of the other sections. This cinematic experience was heightened by little incursions of acoustic music to emphasize the “time-freezing” effect and the overall mood of the narrative.

Fig 2.

Kopke Still Wines

Kopke Still Wines
Fig 3.

Kopke Experiences

Kopke Experiences
Oh, stop it!

“We got exactly what we asked for: the best possible website for Kopke. A fundamental quality kickstart for a very demanding branding challenge, Büro delivered us a pioneer digital speech keen with detail and a technical outcome giving us a unique brand experience, just like our wines. ”

Iago Gonzalez — Digital Manager Sogevinus
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