• Site of the Day — July 09, 2017
  • Site of the Day — July 09, 2017
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Panike is the leading Portuguese supplier of frozen bakery and pastry but it found itself in a very peculiar situation: people had adopted the name of the company to refer to its most popular product and few knew of their other 350+ offerings. Now that’s a tasty brand awareness challenge.

We designed an engaging website displaying Panike’s complete product catalog, which previously was only available to resellers. Oh and we did some rebranding. Which led to a series of movies integrated with a content strategy to build brand awareness through digital channels. Everything new for a new sweet decade of mouth-watering international sales.

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Panike Brand along the years
The Rebranding

Panike is a brand that is strongly embedded in Portuguese consumers awareness. For the rebranding, we had to carefully transport its DNA into the modern age without losing any of the intangibles that made it so relatable. The original logo had been designed by the company’s founder and, again, we had to revamp it while making sure the new version would convey the same emotion. We heightened its legibility and made it more robust and the change ended up being very well received by the public, who appreciated the brand’s modernisation without taking away from its cultural significance.

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Colours for each category product




The Website

We designed an engaging website revealing the complete product catalogue, previously just made available to resellers.

We also created a series of brand movies as a part of the content strategy to build the brand awareness through digital channels.

Website loading animations

Panike Mobile Videos
Poster Full Video
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We also produced illustrations for the Panike brand universe, adding visual goodies to pinpoint the importance placed by the company on values like sustainability, the quality of raw materials and a low ecological footprint. 

Technically, we had to be extremely cautious with photography so that all products backgrounds could be removed to allow in-website and print catalogue backdrop colour segmentation. This was also replicated for the digital sales tool used by the team sales to present products and complement the printed versions given to clients.

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