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PREVINT™ (Interpersonal Violence Prevention Programme) is a social tool made with the purpose of preventing the occurrence of aggression behaviours. Developed in order to raise awareness and sensitise adolescents and adults towards violence in interpersonal relationships and their functioning dynamics. The website is built to present aggressive behaviours that occur in everyday life and always result in physical or psychological harm, of greater or lesser severity.

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Illustration & Motion

With strong multimedia features such as custom music, audio design with field recordings and voice over, each level is made to capture the students' attention span with carefully illustrated and animated scenarios. The illustrations are based on the open-source illustration library Humaaans, by Pablo Stanley, fully extended for the 30 scenarios.

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  • Printscreen Prevint Website Pages
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  • Printscreen Prevint Website Pages
my.prevint dashboard

Simultaneously with the visual tool for the students, a back-end tool was developed to support the teacher's material delivery and training sessions booking for everyone involved.

The project expects to engage 14.000 students with more than 154 school's registered among Portugal continent, Azores and Madeira’s Islands. The expected number of people intervened will be over 40.000, 95% of which adolescents. The next step is to adapt the tool for the pre-scholar target (4-5 years) and basic schools (8-9 years).

  • my.prevint Website Pages
  • my.prevint Website Pages
  • my.prevint Website Pages
Rich media elements

The experience was specifically crafted for the adolescent population, in such a way that they could understand the impact of physical and psychological damages occurring with the violent scenarios. Besides the animation, the music reinforces the moment of aggression with a piano keystroke that persists for several seconds. Each key is different and is enhanced by audio design and field records specific for each scenario and complemented with two voice-over narrating each context. The interplay with so many simultaneous multimedia elements was key for the impact of the tool among the target.

Level 1 — Intro
  • 0:04 Level 1 — Intro
  • 0:04 Level 3 — Lying or Deceiving
  • 0:04 Level 21 — Confining or Restraining
  • 0:04 Level 24 — Death Threats
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