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SUDD is mediterranean by nature. Aimed at a premium export target audience, the name appeals to the senses (don’t go out whispering it to wild animals, though). With a brand universe devoid of all the common decorations typically seen in gourmet products, SUDD is all about the two things that truly matter: genuine products of quality and the people who make them here in Southern Europe — this special place where the sun always agrees with the land. Naming, promotional videos, packaging, catalogue and website were all crafted with love by Büro, which makes it feel like the brand is our own. Just like it should. 

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Devoid of the common decorations in gourmet products, SUDD focuses on the only thing that really matters: the quality of genuine products and who makes them here in Southern Europe. Having this in mind, we came up with the branding concept, as the packaging for all the range of products. We followed the brand until the time of its official launch, providing all means necessary.


Seeking to create a coherent look and feel among the entire range of products, while reinforcing the brand's pillars, illustrations were created for each one of the products. These illustrations sought to embody the spirit behind them, making use of an almost scientific illustration approach that turns organic with the usage of color. 

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Canned Food

The Website

Videos were made for the key products: Olive Oil, Cheese, and Wine, which serve as pillars to the international SUDD campaign. These had to be short, genuine and focused on the best our tables have to offer to new audiences around the globe. The copy soon proved to be the key to setting the tone of the brand. That without-haste, carved-under-perfect-weather sweet type of copy, you see. 

To top it all off, an original musical piece and 3 derivatives were composed and added to a layer of field recordings/sound design to support the uncompromising narrative that focus on the relationship between people, land, and products.

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SUDD Online Store

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“We have worked with Büro for many years now — because everything they do, they do it in a special and different way. Special because their quality and consistency are high as they like to think about the vision and strategy besides all the necessary details. Different because everything they do is still appreciated many years after being released. ”

Paulo Júlio — CEO Frijobel
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Video frame of SUDD Olive Oil

Video frame of SUDD Wines

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