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Ziqqi is a new player in the African e-commerce platforms offering a wide variety of products across multiple categories including electronics, fashion and health & beauty. We were asked to design everything from scratch: naming, branding, strategy, web design consultancy, art direction for video and pretty much everything else.

A vibrant, fun and undeniable quirky brand for the people of Africa.

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Branded by nature

Targeted for Somalia first, the Horn of Africa, the ZIQQI logo was designed influenced by the shape of the country shape and angles and led to organic shapes for an identity deeply rooted in Africa. The double Q features different animal tails that eventually led to the QQ pattern across several supports. The Q is also a focal point for several digital identity applications such as the 4 animals fur & sounds.

Africa & Middle East

Along with Africa, the shop will be aimed for the Middle East also and the brand needed an Arabic complementary version based on the original logo shapes. The graphic language is based on strong vibrant colours eye candy and pleasing for the African and Middle East markets.

ZIQQI Main Brand

International & Arabic Version

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Fig. 9

Ziqqi store

Art Direction

The films supporting brand's awareness were made by Good People a group of directors, based in Beirut & Cairo and explore the quirky side of life without ZIQQI.

Fig. 10

Ziqqi logo

Fig 11.

Ziqqi logo

Ziqqi Product
Fig 12.

Ziqqi logo

Ziqqi Product
Video & Sound

Ziqqi Fish — by Rudolfo Jaca, Bunnybride Productions
  • 0:04 Ziqqi Fish
  • 0:04 Ziqqi Melon
  • 0:04 Ziqqi Steak
  • 0:04 Ziqqi Tomato
Ziqqi Sub-brands

The ZIQQI brand has 3 sub-brands: ZIQQI Mart (a network of stores affiliates), ZIQQI Fresh (fresh locally sourced products) and ZIQQI Wallet (proprietary payments system). For each one, we designed a specific brand universe.

Fig. 13

Ziqqi Mart store

Fig 14.

Ziqqi Fresh Pattern

Ziqqi Fresh Pattern
Fig 15.

Ziqqi Fresh Application

Ziqqi Fresh Application
Fig. 16

Ziqqi Fresh pattern

Brand Guidelines

We designed and built an extensive website to support ZIQQI's correct usage and tone of voice. Each sub-brand has it's own section with the 3D spots on each header. The typeface, what you can do and can't do, download of the assets with just a click…of a button.

Be our guest!

“Bürocratik made creating our Brand as stress free as possible. From day one, they used collaboration tools to involve us in every step of the process. Even better, Büro brought a level of transparency to our relationship that made working with them fun and productive. Every step of the way, they clarified what we had to do and what they were doing. This level of hand-holding, especially for newbies to the creative world was indispensable. There's no other team we would recommend more than Bürocratik!”

Mohammed Ali — Founder & CEO
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